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Green Action is hosting a congressional call-in this Tuesday (2/23) from 11-3 in DUC. We need your help to pass H.R. 4100, the bill that will clean up the nuclear waste in West Lake Landfill. We are going to be calling Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) who is holding up the bill in committee to express our support and explain the problems surrounding West Lake landfill and why we need authority for the site to be transferred to FUSRAP (more details below). We will have a script that you can use when you call in and every person who calls will receive a free donut!! Calling in will only take a few minutes, so come by DUC 241 this Tuesday! DO-NUT LET THIS BILL FAIL!

The West Lake Landfill is located in north St. Louis County and holds 2200 dump truck loads of radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project. Currently, there is a fire in the connected Bridgeton Landfill that has the potential to reach this waste. Just Moms STL, a community organization formed to protect the community and clean up this waste, is working to pass a bill through Congress that will transfer jurisdiction of the landfill from the EPA to the US Army Corps of Engineers, as the Army Corps of Engineers has had more success in cleaning up radioactive waste in the St. Louis area and is legally better equipped to do so. The bill recently passed the Senate, but it is currently held up in the House by Representative Frank Pallone of New Jersey’s 6th congressional district. We need you to call Representative Pallone to convince him that this bill needs to pass!

West Lake Landfill Facebook Group

Humans of West Lake Landfill Facebook Page

Just Moms STL Website

Just Moms STL Facebook Page

If you can’t make it to the DUC, please call anyway. We need this bill to pass!
We urgently need you to call:
Representative Frank Pallone (NJ-06): (202) 225-4671
Jeff Carroll, Staff Director of House E&C: (202) 225-2927
Rick Kessler. Staffer for House E&C:
Representative Fred Upton (MI-06): (202) 225-3761
Representative Ann Wagner (MO-02): (202) 225-1621
Your representative at home. You can use this website:
You can use this script:
Hello Representative .
My name is , and I am a concerned citizen from St. Louis, Missouri. It is urgent that you support House Bill 4100. The people of Bridgeton who live around the West Lake Landfill deserve to live in a safe, clean environment that is not threatened by the radioactive waste legacy of the United States. The US Army Corps of Engineers is already in charge of other FUSRAP sites related to this waste in St. Louis, and we believe they would be able to clean up this waste.
Thank you so much for your time.

JeromeIf you can make to the

If you can make to the Danforth University Center on the Wash U campus by 3pm you get a free donut if you make a phone call. If not, you can do it from home.
It's good to hear that Green Action is alive and kicking. Please let's rebuild the Progressive Action Coalition, with the Student-Worker Alliance and the peace and human rights groups, and a truly independent left wing newspaper. It used to be called Southpaw.