• Something Green: the Wash U CoOp's first event, when we were just a rotating pot luck society without a building

    A Blast From the Past: Wash U CoOp Logo and Flyer File

    A bit of memorabilia.

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  • A Brand New Website: www.washucoop.org

    A Brand New Website!

    Please see our brand new website, www.washucoop.org, for more recent photos of life in the Perry, Larry, and Cervantes Houses. We also have a legacy MySpace site, www.washucoop.info.

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  • Speakeasy in Space Party

    A Wash U CoOp Party: Speakeasy in Space

    Intergalactic Speakeasy, to the tune of the Star Wars bar theme.

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  • Wash U CoOp Retreat 2011, Hawn State Park

    A Wash U CoOp Retreat, Hawn State Park, 2011

    Every August we have a retreat, usually a camping trip, to get acquainted with each other and with CoOp traditions, and plan for the new year. We have another one at the beginning of Spring semester, usually not a camping trip but a progressive pot luck dinner or something similar, on a smaller scale.

    For new images, please see the image galleries of www.washucoop.org

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  • Shevek with Frodo in the Living Room

    Cat Care and Cat Watch Co-op Photo Gallery

    Here are photos of lost and found neighborhood cats, and cats whose names you might like to know because you see them every day.

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  • Coop Thanksgiving

    Cooperation is Key

    Our first image. gallery, from 2005.

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  • Feb 19, 2007 - Coop Cafe - Dueling Basses

    Stefen and Tim do Jazz and other such nonsense on two upright basses. Features Felix on drums with a cameo by Dan (First performance in how many years?)

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  • BBQ guests

    Joint Coop and SWA Victory Party at Jerome Bauer's Apartment, Sp

    In Spring 2005 Washington University's Student Worker Alliance was turned down by the WashU Coop as a venue for their victory party, out of fear of retaliation from Quadrangle Housing and the University. In the interest of harmony, I offered them my apartment, and we had a pot luck dinner there, and a few days later a barbecue in my backyard, attended by students from the Coop, the SWA, my "Miracles, Marvels, and Magic" class, and others, including a few faculty. I had invited the entire Faculty Fellows and Faculty Associates list, and all the Deans, Vice Chancellors, and Chancellor. Most politely declined, but some asked to be kept on our email list.

    Please support Lecturer's Policy Reform, for the sake of which I joined the 2005 SWA Living Wage Sit-In as a special guest participant-observer. I was asked to speak as a faculty supporter. I asked if I could come as a worker, and I did so.

    Please see SWA Victory Party Pot Luck for Reunion, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=343239908667&ref=mf

    Please see Reform Lecturer's Policy, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=3598950403&ref=ts

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