We are a group of students, faculty, staff, and community members dedicated to community building, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, healthy living, cooperative learning, and leadership, not limited to Washington University in St. Louis affiliates, saving our planet with a kind heart and a sense of humor since 2003. We are NOT just a bunch of college students.

We are horizontally related to our namesake, Washington University in St Louis. Neither owns, controls, or dominates the other.

Please see also www.washucoop.org, Wash U CoOp Residential Houses

The Washington University Cooperative was founded in Spring 2003, and became a Student Union group in Spring 2004, after we organized our core group by means of a rotating pot luck series. Since Autumn 2004 we have provided alternative off-campus housing for Washington University Undergraduates, in two University-owned buildings, "The Perry," 6021 Pershing, and another building, 6015 Pershing. Non-students may reside in the Cervantes House, 6036 Pershing, a privately owned Coop annex. We are working to expand our Cooperative Network, and to create an open Coop Campus, including residence for graduate students, faculty, staff, and neighbors. We have compiled a model Guide for Cooperative Living, www.washucoop.com/guide. To apply for housing, please see www.washucoop.com/application.

The Perry's basement has been renovated to serve as a venue for community events. The WashU Coop works closely with the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council and the CoLibir Coop (the St Louis NASCO affiliate).

The WashU Coop has no official RA or Faculty Associate, because we all play those roles to each other, helping and teaching each other, and ensuring a safe and healthy environment to share.

The WashU Coop's Six Pillars, established by the Founders, are:

Community Building (www.washucoop.com/community)
Environmental Sustainability (www.washucoop.com/environment)
Healthy Living (www.washucoop.com/healthy)
Social Responsibility (www.washucoop.com/social)
Cooperative Learning (www.washucoop.com/learning)
Leadership (www.washucoop.com/leadership)

Here are some other Coop Core Values:

Diversity (www.washucoop.com/diversity)
Integrity (www.washucoop.com/integrity)
Gravity (www.washucoop.com/gravity)
Levity (www.washucoop.com/levity)

Our Committees seek to promote these Pillars, and are open to anyone, not only Coop residents. Please see Coop Committees, www.washucoop.com/committees

Please see the Coop Library Links Page, http://rochdale.homelinux.net/~library/links