Sustainable Neighborhood Academy

Submitted by Jerome on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 6:59pm.

The Sustainable Neighborhood Academy can provide you with the tools to make it happen.
The Academy offers four issue-packed sessions designed to educate and challenge residents to rethink neighborhoods of the future.
Sessions will explore:
▪ How to include sustainability in neighborhood development
▪ How to rethink neighborhood social structures and development patterns
▪ How simple ideas can improve neighborhood vitality
Haven't registered yet? There's still time!
Sessions are offered at north and south side locations.

Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 1:12pm.

Solidarity Economy St Louis is a coalition of social justice organizations, small businesses, and individuals striving to build and grow a just and sustainable economy
Long Description
Solidarity Economy St. Louis is a coalition of social justice organizations, small businesses, and individuals striving to build and grow a “solidarity economy;” that is, an economy that embodies the values of social justice, ecological sustainability, mutualism, cooperation, democracy, and innovation while resisting the notion of “every person for themselves.”

NASCO Summer Internship Opportunities

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 1:02pm.

Cooperative Internship Network

Are you looking for a job this summer? NASCO is accepting applications for summer internships with nearly a dozen cooperative organizations across the United States. NASCO's Cooperative Internship Network connects talented, up-and-coming cooperators with established cooperative organizations, supporting the exchange of cooperative knowledge while building careers for young cooperators.

Wash U Contingent Faculty Go On Strike April 14, 2016

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 12:51pm.

Wash U's SEIU affiliated union, St Louis Adjunct Action, writes:

Wash U Adjunct Professors can count on me!

Wash U administration has one of the largest endowments in the nation, yet refuses to agree to wage increases and system changes that will cost them nickles and dimes. Unless administration agrees to the fair wage increases and professional respect that adjunct faculty demand, Wash U adjuncts can count on my support on April 14th.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with striking adjunct faculty on April 14th at Wash U!

Here is the link to Wash U Strike Support:

Green Action Call-In to Clean Up West Lake Landfill, Tusday February 23 2016 and Ongoing

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 2:08pm.

Green Action is hosting a congressional call-in this Tuesday (2/23) from 11-3 in DUC. We need your help to pass H.R. 4100, the bill that will clean up the nuclear waste in West Lake Landfill. We are going to be calling Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) who is holding up the bill in committee to express our support and explain the problems surrounding West Lake landfill and why we need authority for the site to be transferred to FUSRAP (more details below). We will have a script that you can use when you call in and every person who calls will receive a free donut!!

Black & Green Wed February 3, 2016 — Ongoing Crises of University City

Submitted by Jerome on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 2:37pm.

FORUM: Ongoing Crises of University City
WHEN: 7 pm, Wednesday, February 3, 2016
WHERE: Ronald E. McNair Administration Bldg, 8136 Groby Rd, University City 63130

* Kurt Becker, District Vice-President, Local 2665, IAFF

* Paulette Carr, U City Council Member, Ward 2

* Terry Crow, U City Council Member, Ward 1

* Don Fitz, Gateway Green Alliance

* Byron Price, former U City Council Member, Ward 3

St Louis Solidarity Economy February Calendar

Submitted by Jerome on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 2:24pm.

Wanna know what we've been up to? Check out our February updates for a preview of our upcoming work! SOLIDARITYSTL.ORG

Equality Matters Art Show Invitation

Submitted by Jerome on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 12:38pm.

Wash U alum Nicole Petrescu writes: "Professor Bauer, in light of the recent social events that have happened in Ferguson, I'd like to invite the WashU CoOp to take a look at the Call-for-Art opportunity listed below. I am curating the show "Equality Matters - a Conversation", and I invite all St. Louis artist to make their voices heard.

Wash U CoOp Syndicate of Initiative

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 01/12/2016 - 12:14pm.

We are a free speech movement, occupying a free speech zone, establishing an open university, and practicing direct democracy, all on our own initiative. We need no permission.

"This will happen with or without you. Are you with us?" we told the Washington University in St Louis administration in 2003. Put that way, how could they say no? Entirely upon our own initiative, as a courtesy between equals, we adopted their name as our own, establishing a horizontalst, not a hierarchical relationship of mutual respect.

Food Justice Planning Meeting, Thursday Octboer 22 2015, World Community Center, 6pm (438 N. Skinker)

Submitted by Jerome on Tue, 10/20/2015 - 9:20pm.

Here is a message from IFCLA:
"There was a great turnout for the Food Justice Potluck last Friday with IFCLA and our partners Latinos en Axión STL! Sharing good food with good people seems to be the perfect recipe for producing great ideas (pardon my corny jokes). Our discussion touched on many angles of food justice work - from nutrition to land sovereignty to global trade - illustrating how food connects to everything!